Free and Open Source Tech Comm Tools

The other day, a protégé (and ex-colleague) of mine asked me to suggest a free screen capturing tool, as the only copy of Snagit was used by another person in her organization. That prompted me to write this blog post about free and open source software (FOSS) available for the technical communicators. Continue reading

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DITA Musings – Part II

This is part II of the DITA Musings series. In this part, I want to discuss the DITA workflow I am experimenting with.

My DITA documentation workflow consists of the following components: Continue reading

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DITA Musings – Part I

Darwin's evolution tree

Darwin's evolution tree (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

There are lots of websites, blogs, and forums that provide information on DITA. Though I got introduced to DITA in an STC conference way back in 2007, I started exploring it only a few months ago. As it happens to any new learner of a trade, I was awestruck by the paradigm shift. Over a period of time, I came across a lot of wonderful things and a few not-so-wonderful things about DITA and the DITA OT, the real-world implementation of the DITA specifications. I am still learning new tricks every day.

In my first blog post, I sum up my thoughts about DITA. If it helps a new DITA enthusiast, I will be glad. Continue reading

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